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New York City Triathlon 2012

I am very excited to have witnessed the 12th Annual Aquaphor New York City Triathlon! There were so many amazing skilled athletes with lots of heart!

Here’s a first look at a few of the 1000s of shots I got. Check back in the next week or two for additions (I have many more from the swim, bike start, Westside Highway, Central Park, and finish line).

If you’re interested in finding out if I have any photos of you or your racer, feel free to email me with your race # and a description of the racer’s clothing/gear. I’m hoping to share my photos with as many racers as possible. Great race!

NY Dance Parade 2012 – Part 3

NY Dance Parade 2012 – Part 2

NY Dance Parade 2012 – Part 1

Convict Conditioning 2 – Release

I’m very excited about the release of Convict Conditioning 2 next week. The cover features one of my shots of fitness guru Al Kavadlo, with his brother Danny. More of my photos are included inside. Visit for more info or to pick up your copy!

5B’s Pull up Park Jam – Part 2

5B’s Pull up Park Jam – Part 1

Westside Workout

We’re Working Out!

Muscle Up

Human Flag Meter


Sunset Muscle Up

L Sit